Tmobile App Stuck "Setting up"

  • 13 September 2022
  • 6 replies


Hello, when launching the tmobile app on my S22 Ultra it is on the tmobile logo and on the bottom says "Setting you up" I cannot get past this screen. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times let it sit for 20 minutes plus nothing seems to be working. Restarted phone cleared cache. Please help!

6 replies

Just thought I would share my experience with this error. I was using custom DNS for ad blocking and all I had to do was disable it to log into the app. Hope that helps somebody. 

This is ridiculous, no one can get helped ???

Since there has been no help since the original post 11 months ago. I do assume we will not receive help on this matter any time soon. I would recommend everyone with this issue to get a bad review on the app store with a detail of it in the hope of assistance. (I actually forgot about this thread since my reply last month apparently but I rarely use the app) I'll try to call T-mobile this month and bring the issue directly to them and see what they say. I'll update if any resolutions. Ps: you can follow the post to get email updates when someone reply to it.

mine does this



Same goes for me. When I start the app, it gets stuck at a page with the sentence "setting you up" at the bottom, stuck on that for 5 seconds and then crashing. Tries restarting the phone, deactivating the app and reactivating. Deleting cache data. Nothing is working.. did someone find a solution?   Using Samsung S21. 

I have the same problem. Using OnePlus 9 Pro.