Why am I receiving texts from the future?

  • 22 April 2021
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I'm recieving Texts with a Future Time Stamp. Last night/Morning at 1:28 am I received texts from 2 different people that were replys from a text I sent them over 2 weeks ago.  The texts I recieved are stamped with todays date but the time is stamped for hours later.  

These texts caused a panic last night when my recently brokenhearted Brother's text only said "Blew up" Thank goodness my level headed Husband open the text conversation. 

Can anyone tell me what I can do or check so that doesn't happen again?

P.S. I live in Oregon. the time is currently 9:00 am on April 22nd and I have a Sprint Galaxy Note 9


1 reply

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is the time correct on the phone itself just not the received texts times? put your own phone number into your contact list and fire yourself a text to see if the same thing happens or not.. might have been a fluke but if the time on your phone is correct but not via texts it might end up being the texting app itself.