Assistance Needed with Hotspot Configuration for WebSocket Server Functionality

  • 3 April 2024
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I'm developing an iOS application that crucially depends on the ability to establish a WebSocket server when the device is used as a hotspot. This setup allows connected devices to communicate through the server, a feature vital to our app.

In testing across various ISPs, we've found that our setup functions well with most, but we encounter issues under T-Mobile's network, suggesting potential network restrictions or NAT handling differences.

We are seeking guidance or information on:

  • Any specific NAT configurations or firewall rules under T-Mobile that might restrict inbound connections to a device serving as a hotspot.
  • Recommendations or practices for developers to ensure compatibility with T-Mobile's network configurations for such use cases.
  • Availability of technical support for developers to navigate these compatibility challenges.

We aim to provide our users with a seamless experience and would greatly appreciate any assistance or information you can provide to help us navigate these challenges.

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