• 21 February 2024
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I was supposed to be paying $150 but why i am being charge for $160 monthly . Thats actually not nice at all.

2 replies

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Do you have your bill setup on auto pay with a debit card?

same here! i was told twice that my bill would be $140 but for THREE months it has been $160 or more. all of the “support” chats say the same things, “You’ll be reimbursed. It’s temporary. It’ll pass after 1-2 billing cycles.”

i switched from at&t due to struggling to pay the bill & yet now i’m paying a comparable rate???? it’s so horrible for companies to prey on vulnerable customers under the guise of lower costs & support. i’ve given them over $100 that i was NEVER supposed to pay! 

don’t even get me started on the $200 visa gift card.