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  • 16 April 2024
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For almost 8 years I have had a T-Mobile account. I have 6 lines, on 4 of the lines I have insurance. Full insurance. For 4 of the lines, I have been paying money for the insurance. Yesterday I accidentally broke the back of my phone, 12 Pro max. I called T-Mobile to replace my phone, T-Mobile said that I need to pay $99 + tax for the replacement. if I have full insurance, why do I need to pay them 99 dollars deductible? Sometimes there are new policy's, and we don't check them. We click accept without reading the policy, we agree to their stupid policy’s. I want to tell everyone that it’s better to go get a new phone because the new phone price is $40 monthly, but you pay 13 dollars for just insurance + deductible. Those are stupid rules.

1 reply

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There's always a deductible for insurance but I agree it's better to fix it out of pocket or buy a new phone instead of paying for insurance.