coutomer service is terrible where is MY Region

  • 12 April 2024
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the fact that the team that you all have in the Philippines have a communication barrier that it's so hard to talk to them and we get frustrated and they tell us about there whole life of living poor and have to pay for all there family members wife in-laws and it’s so hard for them and it's a poor country that's why T-Mobile is there also a supervisor has or had control over my phone and would turn it off every time at 2:00 like shut it down and I have there names there real names they gave me fake names also promised me free phones and are over charging me why why are they doing this I can't connect to anybody in the USA even tho I live in California it's upsetting I’m also disabled that I need this phone to get  ahold of my nurses asap and I’m also so scared of my phone being with T-Mobile for 12 years I have never felt so scared and so afraid and frustrated in my life what do I do T-Mobile contact me asap please or please someone help I don’t know what to do 

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