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  • 19 April 2023
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I am so angry with T-Mobile right now!!!  My daughter went into the store in January to take advantage of the Apple iPhone 14 promo.  The Sales Associate told her he could cancel her current phone number and give her a new number to take advantage of the $800 promotion.  So when we call to cancel the original phone line we are told we CANNOT do that.  That will void the promotion if we do.  My anger is with the Sales Associate and him leading my daughter down the road of a new phone line.  I have another phone line that I need to cancel because my father is in a nursing home and he lost his phone.  CANNOT cancel that one either.  I want to know why I have to pay for the actions of a Sales Associate who evidenlty did not follow company guidelines.  UGH!!!!


I left 20+ years of AT&T for T-Mobile and they are getting as bad as AT&T was.  Such a sad case!!!  Thinking about contacting my local TV station for some help!!!

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