Device unlocked but still owe payments - can I cancel service?

  • 9 April 2024
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I still am making payments on my phone but it is showing it’s unlocked. I plan to pay my phone just may not be able to pay it off immediately. I want to go to a more affordable pre-paid carrier in my area with better coverage than T-Mobile. Biggest reason for the switch - saves me about $100 a month which I then can begin to get back on my feet & pay off the rest of the phone. Can I still cancel without penalties? 


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3 replies

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You need to talk to Customer Care or the T-Force Team to see what your options are.  Usually canceling makes the entire raining balance of the device on EIP due immediately and all promotions are forfeited.  In some cases, T-Mobile will allow you to continue making payments but that has to be arranged prior to cancelation.  Give 611 a call and speak to Customer Care or reach out to the T-Force Team through DM'ing T-Mobile on Facebook or Twitter to discuss your options.  

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Is the provider cheaper than the Tmobile Connect plans?


No but Tmobile’s service is so sporadic where I’m at. If you aren’t in a bigger town, then you are lucky to even get text messages. Most everyone I know lives either in a little piss-ant town where I get only text messages or outside of town where I get absolutely nothing.