Message Blocking activated but I can't undo it

  • 5 November 2021
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When I try to send text messages to my son and/or his wife, I immediately receive the message that Message Blocking is active.  But when I look at the list of phone numbers that I HAVE blocked from texts, phone or FaceTime, their numbers do not appear.  This only occurred after I purchased the new iPhone13.  Previous to that I have had no issue in sending texts to them.  I am able to send texts to my other contacts.  The only unique thing about my son and daughter-in-law is that their phone numbers are in area code 630 while their sisters are in area code 616.

16 replies

Make sure that you're using the right phone number or email address. If necessary, delete the contact entirely from your phone, and re-add them as a new contact with the proper phone number (including the area code). Go to Settings > Messages > Blockedand make sure that they're not on your block list. Second thing k would try to to check message settings make sure imessage is active and under send and receive you have the correct number and email logged in to imessage. Third step is to reset network settings if this doesnt work make sure scamshield doesnt have them blocked if you have that app. 


Thanks for the reply.  I tried all the things you suggested including deleting the contacts and re-entering.  I’m able to send text messages to my other contacts, including to my grandson who has a phone number with the same 630 area code as his father and mother.  The only thing I can think to do is to clear out ALL of the Blocked numbers on my phone but that seems a bit drastic.

I was informed today by T-Mobile text support that T-Mobile and Apple are blocking my outgoing texts. Only outgoing texts to android devices. I was told that is in effect until 4 August. WTF?!? I too recently purchased the iPhone 13Pro to take advantage of 5G. Little did I know it would lead to my being blocked. The catch is my texts go to Apple devices but not android devices. However, if I send a picture my texts go through. I’m not a happy customer. 

Ron, did you ever figure out why this happened or get a fix? This just started on my phone last night and it seems that all Android phone numbers are blocked. I am on iPhone 11. I never changed any settings or blocked the so called blocked numbers.

I had this issue for a year so far. Tried everything and got a temporary fix at the T-Mobile store.

today I figured out how to do it on my end, you can try: I logged into my T-Mobile account and went to message blocking at turned it off.

hope you get a fix for yours. I got an esim for my business number added to my personal phone number and I was having issues with my business number and it was effecting my clients. 
they literally thought I blocked them, that’s a fun conversation to have.

im definitely not happy with tmobiles lack of help in this issue.

Had the same issue with our IPHONE 8 and IPHONE 12s. All Txt to android users was getting the “Free Msg: Unable to send message- Message Blocking is active”. After trying most suggestions online, BTW none worked. Called T-Mobile support and was transferred to a specialist who walked me through similar steps. None worked. What worked was T-Mobile had the blocking active on the account. T-Mobile needed to fix on their side (removed the blocking) and I can now txt with family members nationwide and they can txt me without getting blocked. Thanks for fixing T-Mobile…….

It's unfortunate how randomly issues happen with T-Mobile. It seems they are a little weak in the technology arena and do not have robust testing and monitoring protocols for their systems.


All of a sudden, I'm having the same issue with a group sms text which as worked find until the last 24 hours. Other texts work fine I and another member of our group are now getting 

"Free Msg: Recipient unable to receive message - Message Blocking is active"


I have absolutely no blocking set up.

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Message blocking can be enabled if you get reported for spamming or if your bill is past due.  These forms of message blocking can only be removed by Customer Care and Customer Support.

"can be" enabled is the condundrum. There needs to be a better and more definitive way to ascertain the root cause of Message blocking in order to resolve the "what" or "whom" is causing the blocking of a particular message. 

I am currently going through this and I'm seriously to the point of I'm done with T-Mobile after this. And it's a number that they assigned to me for my smartwatch since I had to add a line. It's really screwed up when they assign you the number but yet they have the number blocked and they don't even know how to unblock it. I literally was to the point of almost having a stroke I was so so pissed off and aggravated over it and then to top it off instead of getting the good promo for a free smartwatch and then the other one being $30 I'm having to pay almost $700 but yet they said I could take two billing cycles for the promo to show on my account. I've never ever had it taken two billing cycles let alone one full billing cycle for things to show up on my bill it's usually within 24 hours. And then the one line is not even showing a smartwatch so I can't even pair it to my phone and use it

What a nightmare!(read till the end) . Spent about 40 hours working on this issue. Went to T-Mobile stores . When to a TMobile corporate store. Troubleshooted maybe 100 different ways and times and with different people. Called support , technicians , opened tickets . I was told I would get call back in 72 hours never did. Fast forward two weeks later. I tried one last thing. Technician said that because my plan changed we had to clear the cache on the towers and reset the network. She did that on her end  and finally this nightmare was over. It worked  

Recently a friend switched from Verizon to Tmobile, with an iPhone 13. While iMessages worked from the date of Tmobile service, SMS did initially too.

Then one week later any SMS from or to a non-iPhone (i.e. Android) would show this error on the SMS sender’s device "Free Msg: Receiver 1########## unable to receive message - Message Blocking is active."

Fix: call Tmobile Customer Service - Tech Support, have tech support direct user to use another phone for the voice call (not the problem iPhone). The iphone will need to have the airplane mode activated, reset network settings, restart iphone. Meanwhile the Tmobile tech will “reprovision” the user’s cellular account.

After reprovision, restarting of phone, disable air plane mode and test SMS to/from Android users. You can go to the phone settings and disable iMessage temporarily to make sure the test of SMS is valid.






same problem.  finally went to tmobile account.  found that when i was looking at esim cards i had gone to my settings and blocked messages. check settings “Block calls and messages” and turn off.  worked for me.

This is what happens when I do not pay my phone bill.

Go to your T mobile profile. 

Select block calls and messas. 

Select the number associate. 

Turn off block chargeable text and pictures. 

Yes what Evansdominique said. 
worked instantly