• 23 April 2024
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I am so disappointed that I received a spam message here. I would think that this site would have better security for such a thing. 😒

Please see below.


  • blissGG


     2 hours ago

    I hope you are doing great.
    I saw your page and I decided to inform you about the project I have at hand and I would like you to be a part. It is of great profit and I know you will not regret taking part in the project.

    Please reply to my private email ( for full details.

    Grace Garcia.


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You can turn off the message feature in the settings and  the mods can still get in touch with you.

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Wow! Thank you, @twicker, for letting me know that you got a message like that. Since the message was sent as a direct message and not a reply on a post, I was not able to see it. Now that you have reported it, I can get it taken care of. Hopefully you don’t get another message like that from any account, but if you do, please let me know. 😁