Tmobile promotion scams and service

I have been with T-Mobile for 6 years the last year has been nothing a joke I added a line to my account so i could get my daughter the free phone they charged my account for a full year and was a nightmare trying to get reimbursed u then added another person and 90 days later that person was taking off my account and started their own account I’m Jeff with paying a phone that’s no longer on my account because they wanted their own T-Mobile when the phone was said to be free so I’m paying for a phone that was told to be free my bill before I added lines because it was suppose to be cheaper my bill went from $120 to $274 for 3 people 2 including suppose to be free phones after the person went to their own T-Mobile account I’m stuck with paying for a phone that was suppose to free after removing that my bill was about $150-$170  and in the plan I was suppose to include apppe tv paramount plus and Netflix for both phones that’s a joke I’m paying the fee so Netflix can be used on 2 phones and being charged $17 from Netflix and when you think it don’t get better I added a watch to my account and was told to my face my bill would go up maybe $22 a month that’s a joke my bill is now $264 for one free phone my phone that I only one more payment it’s mine so I thought that comes next and a phone that’s free and phone that’s no longer on my account and being charged for Netflix  and paramount that u can use because it tells me I need to pay and for 1 watch that was only to be $22 month and the best for last I have no more payments due on my phone I’ve paid it off complety so it’s mine well I’m told if I don’t trade in my phone and upgrade my phone and stay purchase the jump bullcrap I have to pay another $200 because I was on jump which they should rename ti JOKE and I had ti stay with T-Mobile and if they are gonna scam and charge you for what they make up as they go at least put the people that are in your customer service can’t speak or understand ENGLISH 99% if the time at least let people understand what they are being scammed so when it comes for T-Mobile I own my phone now I’m going to give them the $200 they scammed me out of for the JOKE plan and I’m returning the watch that was suppose to be only $22 month and getting rid of T-Mobile these people are unbelievable and rip offs every phone service I’ve been looking into blow T-Mobile out of the water they make you understand and what they tell you your gonna pay us what you are gonna pay I’ve been with T-Mobile for 6 yrs and I’m ashamed and embarrassed to know I stay that long lesson learned 


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