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I traded in iphone 12 pro max 512 GB for iphone 15 pro max 256 GB in almost 100% perfect condition, no scratches, touch screen, camera and functions working normally, and it was the one I bought from AT&T, I read the conditions and the value of my phone should be $800. On April 30th, May 1st, I received a text message and email saying that T-mobile has not received my mobile and that my dating deal was May 16th. The officer said it may be in the process, it hasn't been scanned into the system, and then I called to follow up on the matter again on May 5th. The officer couldn't check where my phone was, said they couldn't check my IMEI number, but they would follow up on the matter. On May 6th, I received an email saying


“Looks like there was a mix up—the make, model or memory of your quoted device doesn’t match what we received or it was damaged. We will adjust your trade-in value to $230 because of this difference. For more details, please visit the link below.”
Your T-Mobile Team
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Quoted Device:
Device:    iPhone 12 Pro Max
IMEI #:      35706122642865
Offer Amount:    230
Returned Device:
Device:    iPhone 12 Pro Max
IMEI #:    357061226428655
Offer Amount:    230

May by IMEI typo. How can I figure it out?

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