Voicemail not working. Tmobile deleting my brand new voicemails within minutes

  • 16 December 2022
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My voicemail stopped working out of the blue. At first, it wouldn’t pick up and it would ring and ring or give a busy signal. When I called T-mobile, they got the same error and recommended we delete my voicemail and set it up again. After doing so, a greeting would come up and allow the person to leave a voicemail, only that message gets deleted within a few minutes. I don’t get any notifications of a voicemail and even the voicemail on the T-mobile server somehow disappears within a few minutes. It’s not just an issue with visual voicemail, it’s an issue with T-mobile voicemail not working at all. When I call my voicemail now, it says “you have no messages” even though the T-mobile reps have left several message and I left several messages as well. This is the first time I have ever had such an issue with T-mobile and it’s BEYOND FRUSTRATING  to spend well over 3 HOURS OF MY TIME TROUBLESHOOTING to no avail. If this can’t get fixed, then I have no choice but to leave this service. Note: this is not an issue with my phone as the voicemail itself on the T-mobile server is not present after it’s left. Also, I have no updated my phone recently, so for the voicemail to suddenly stop working is both baffling and unacceptable. 

1 reply

My voicemail shows as empty but callers say they get a message that it is full. Just started happening.