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I want to buy an iphone 15 plus, not making any payments, but buy it.  I asked tmobile if there was any discount they could offer me for being their long term customer.  The 50 percent discount after system review which would be up to 7 to 9 days.  I asked why so long and what is the criteria the system is looking for.  They then said they would speed up system review to 48 hours, but never said what the criter is.  Am I wasting my time by waiting.  I want to buy it outright no payment plan.


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There's really no incentive to sell a discounted phone without a payment plan. You're better off buying an unlocked version through Apple.


I don’t want to sell my old phone.

I just want to buy a new iphone.  I asked if i bought from tmobile and for being a long term customer,

could they offer a discount.  They said they would offer the new phone at 50% off with the system review.

This sounds suspcious to me?  What is your opinion?

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Tmobile doesn't get much of a mark up to offer a discount on the outright purchase of an iPhone which is why there's always deals to finance phones which requires a 2 year commitment so they can make the money back and then some.

I don't think any carrier will offer a discount on an outright purchase of the newest iPhone without strings attached.

That's why I suggested buying directly through Apple.


Thank you!


@flowerwhiz - I’m with you.  I’m happy to sign on for another 2 years, but it would be nice to get some kind of discount on the newest iPhone after being a longtime T-Mobile Customer.  I was with Voicestream before - no one in the stores even knows what that is/was, they are too young.  ;-)  It’s been 48 hours, did you hear anything?


Um, I have never heard of Voicestream (lol) and I am old.

I have decided that I am not going to go with Tmobile for a new phone.  There is no way they could give me a 50% discount.  Im sure they would want to make me pay for it over a two year period.  I don’t want more or higher payments.