BS.!! Warranties & Charges

  • 2 October 2023
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12 year T Mobile Customer also had the insurance for all my phones and never had any reason to call for a replacement phone due to my Samsung galaxy note 8 no longer has the ability to get factory updates. Now stopped working. T Mobile Rep.told me I was 100% coverage. They would send me a replacement phone.  Great I thought.  I received the package in 3 days. Called tmobile told him that I would need help with transferring all the data from my s8 note to the s20 ultra they sent me. I called them 4 different times to get my help. That never Happened!!. So I sent back the Samsung s8 note properly. 2 weeks later I was charged $675.00 from my Bank. I WAS told 1st they don't have the box. Then I called them back and gave them the UPS Tracking number.  1 hours later I was told that they found the box that was hidden under a warehouse pallet , how convenient. Then the fun began,  well over 8 hours of phone calls to both Tmobile and Assurance not 1 person could give me an answer why I was charged for a LOST Tmobile Box. A few days later after I finally was passed Up the Ladder to some Supervisor of 15 years she told me my phone has a Broken screen and Liquid damage. Not covered by assurance insurance. I was charged.  She would not listen to reason. The phone must have gotten damaged from being found under a Pallet.  Made of wood. Plus my insurance dated in 2018 when I purchased 5 phones with same insurance coverage for LOST, Stolen,  completely damaged.  I Did get my Bank to Return the money back and told tmobile I wasn't going to pay for the broken phone that was most likely caused by the Wood pallet.  So in less than 2 days my Service was turned OFF.  I am a Cancer patient, heart, and brain problems for the rest of my LIFE.  These charges I'm reading are some kind of thievery and the verbiage written some how bends the law. I AM Suing Tmobile and Assurance. Trying to get as many of you Poor people who's in the similar situation to Join me when I get the paper's from A Lawyer or Abritrator to get this Class Action started. 

Please Respond if you would like to discuss. Thank You 

I'm So sick of These Big Cell companies that Truly Don't Care. They Just Steal Your Hard earned money. When you Think you are Covered by The insurance TMOBILE sells. 


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