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  • 17 August 2023
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I have had the worst customer service phone calls the past couple months I've ever had in my life with Tmobile. As a 20 year Sprint customer on a fixed $80 a month plan I called to add more unlimited hotspot data and without my authorization the rep changed my Sprint plan to a Tmobile plan that was 25% more for the same services. I called and explained my situation wanted them to revert back to my Sprint plan and they said the couldn't do that but as a goodwill gesture they would give me the Tmobile plan for $75 per month and free 2 screen Netflix. The rep assured me they would call in 30 days once I received my new statement to confirm the $75 per month. Never got the call but did get my statement which is now $100. Call CS AGAIN and a different rep basically called me a liar and said the new Tmobile plan was $75 for only one line. Now after having 2 lines for almost 20 years why would I ever agree to that? The extra $25 they said was for the 2nd line. Again I was happy with my $80 per month Sprint plan and only asked to purchase more high speed hotspot data. Time to shop for a new carrier. BTW I asked the rep for a confirmation # or email and they said they don't do that but read back to me what she said she put in her notes. The old bait & switch.

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