Even if its their fault you owe them $$


Since there is no way to leave a review for their terrible customer service I’ll just have to tell my experience on here. This does not concern T-Mobile stores, they are great there!!! This is solely about the customer service line that I’m forced to call cause the store can’t do everything. Every month it is a different issue, every month I’m having to pay extra. First I went to the store to upgrade phones the rep let us know we’ve been overpaying for the past 6/7 months he fixes it so the line is now correct but since I didn’t notice and THOUGHT my account was correct because I believed T-Mobile customer service employees knew how to do their job it’s my fault for not reporting it and was only refunded a smidgen of what I actually overpaid. My bad for trusting the company trained their employees right. Then my bill comes out like normal yet I have a late fee because they chose to only to take a certain amount and not the entire thing the month before- this may have been a glitch in their system but the glitch is my fault because regardless I still have to pay the late fee because that makes sense. The lady tells me my next bill will 270 on the app it showed 292 I call AGAIN, asking why she said that and why my app is showing different. WELL you know how it was my fault the system glitched I have a late fee on my next bill for $7. These people can’t even do math, 270+7 somehow equals 290. I tell the girl that doesn’t make sense she says well don’t forget about taxes. But then your bills after are 270… tell me how anything they say actually makes sense or has logic??!? If anyone knows of a carrier that has actual good customer service please let me know I would love to not have to deal with T-Mobile anymore

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