Getting over charged by T-Mobile... and not getting any help!

  • 14 August 2023
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Super frustrated….. went with my mom to upgrade our phones months ago and we went with the Go5G 55+ plan plus home internet and two new phones.

Told we would be paying $144. Three whole billing cycles later and we are still paying $20 more than we should be. And T-Mobile has been charging us randomly outside of our billing due date. Went to a T-Mobile store and even they didn't know what was going on. It’s incredibly frustrating because we switched to all of this in order to save money and now we are paying more. And no one can give us any answers. 

9 replies

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try contacting TMO through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.. this will start you with tier 2 support over the call in tier 1 support agents. maybe they can figure out whats going on.

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Hi @valantidium One of the great things about T-Mobile is the predictability of the bill. Including the taxes and having the Price Lock Guarantee means that you don’t have to guess what is on the bill every month. Having the bill come out higher than expected can be extremely frustrating. We do make the bill details available on You can review the bill details on the bill dashboard, or you can download the bill PDF. Have you had the chance to review the bill online to see if there is anything you weren’t expecting or see exactly what charge is different than they explained when you signed up? Some things that I have seen in the past that cause that $20 range in difference are accessory purchases that are broken up into payments on the bill, equipment protection features, or autopay discounts. Here on the Community, we don’t have account access to view those details, but Fireguy_6364 is correct in saying that sending a direct message to us on social media could get you with a tier 2 account expert that could help break things down and find the difference. 


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They are a joke the representative on the phone told me to go to a store than the store associate said “well what do you want me to do”  they used to be good but not complete crappy!!!

I just found out today that since May of 2021 I’ve been charged $2.00 a month for a service on a device that I didn’t have.  And because I’m legally blind and cat see all the details of my bill it didn’t matter to them.  I get my bill online and the most they offered was to send them out as a printed copy as if I can read that.  They said it’s my responsibility to find the errors in my bill.  How is this right or ethical I’m a senior widow living on a fixed income   I was just priced out of my apartment. And the most they offered me was a 3 month refund , I cried until they gave me 6 months.  But they took almost $800 from me.  I would like to know if there is a class action lawsuit for this kind of thing happening.  If not there should be.  I know that just as soon as I’ve paid off my device I’m leaving T-Mobile unless they pay me back.  This is wrong.  

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Good luck getting any kind of help they are such a scam! I think everyone needs to get together and file a lawsuit

I dealt with two rude ladies, who are T-Mobile Store employees. 

They wanted to charge me more, than what the T-Mobile SUPPORT AGENTS wanted to charge…

It’s like  “ “!!  Why is this happening…  I told them,  “ BYE BYE “  and just walked

out of the Store..  Business employees do NOT know how to be friendly and help you out

with a decent  price…  I will never go back!

Good luck getting any kind of help they are such a scam! I think everyone needs to get together and file a lawsuit

Good luck getting any kind of help they are such a scam! I think everyone needs to get together and file a lawsuit

No one wants to help. No lawyer will take a small case unfortunately 

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There are so many people this happens to it could be a huge case

I’ve been charged $1250 for a replacement phone that didn’t work and I sent back.  After spending at least 8 hours of my own precious time talking to different reps and try to make the phone work, I’m done with T-mobile!

I’m very interested in bringing a lawsuit against them, so if anyone wants to join in please let me know!