horrible customer service

  • 2 February 2024
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I canceled my home internet service on January 13 and they had charged me on January 1st. However, they charged me again on February 1st. I called to get a refund because why would they charge me for a whole month i didn’t use their service for. They said I couldn’t get a refund immediately until the 12th. I asked them why and they said a new bill had to generate and start the refund process. Why can’t they just send me a refund on the same day just like they took my money for a whole month i didn’t use at all??? i want my refund immediately!!! or i will call the bank and report this charge!! I’ve had various problems with their customer service this is why i canceled. 

1 reply

Same here. After more than 10 calls and at least 10 hours in phone conversations I have been getting a kiss and a promise that they will send me a refund. I has not happened. Service was cancelled in January 23, I started calling in June because I never received my refund, it is now April 2024 and I have seen nothing. The refund is only for $49 but now it’s just the principle of it.