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  • 5 January 2024
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I currently have Hulu with the Disney+ package. 

How can I use the T-mobile Hulu on us with the Disney+ package I have and maybe reduce the monthly cost? 

8 replies

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We won’t know the details of the Hulu deal until we get nearer to January 24th.  I doubt we will be given the option of a Hulu - Disney bundle.

I currently have Hulu with Ads combined with Ad-free Disney+.   That is no longer an option.    Only options are Hulu and Disney+ (both with ads) or Hulu and Disney+ (both without ads).

I will probably stick with my current Hulu / Disney+ bundle until it expires.

If T-Mobile does allow a bundle it would likely be Hulu (Ads) and Disney+ (Ads).  Hulu charges 9.99 for that bundle.  So we would have to pay the $2 difference between standalone Hulu (7.99).

With Netflix, if you have a higher-end subscription, you get an offset for the value of T-Mobile’s benefit. I’m hoping that’ll be the case with Hulu. For me, the bigger logistical question is that I’m billed for my Hulu bundle through a Disney+ account, so I’m wondering if Disney+ would offset my monthly subscription fee by the value of T-Mobile’s Hulu benefit. 

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doubtful since its a bundled deal/combo between Disney and Hulu

I’m unable to get it right.

i mean Hulu in us

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No it will not reduce the cost because Disney doesn't have a package without it. 


Same with Apple One and Apple TV promotion. 

Waiting for the Hulu option to appear but as of 1/26 it’s still not listed as an option to sign up for.

The option for Hulu is not showing up in my app yet, but it looks like they will take you through the process of canceling your current subscription and signing up for tmobile hulu on us using the link they sent in the text.

T-Mobile: Exciting news! Your new streaming benefit is here—introducing Hulu ON US. Don't miss out. Start watching today., redemption code: huluonus

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Hey there! The Disney+ Basic (With Ads) and Disney Bundle subscribers are not eligible for this offer. It's also not combinable with any free trial of the Hulu (With Ads) plan or any other promotional offers or pricing (including the Disney Bundle).