• 28 July 2023
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I’ve been getting texts that say T-Mobile is no longer accepting automatic credit card payments and I have to change to a debit card or checking account to pay. I see nothing about this on the website. Has anyone else gotten these. Seems like a scam.

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I got one of those too,       This seems a CLEAR violation of the terms and agreements we signed!  IF T-mobile wants to violate the contract and change the price, we are looking at a major class action lawsuit!

Thanks for posting this--I agree that it seems like a scam.  It would not be a very happy development if it were true, but I’m sure it’s not true.  So, Cory508, don’t get your knickers in a twist.  I just Googled where to forward scams: “If you're a T-Mobile or Metro customer, report suspicious SMS messages by forwarding the text to 7726. You can also block the sender or opt out of subscriptions. Attach a copy of any suspicious email and send it to so we can investigate.”

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This has been discussed ad nauseum here for several months now - first announced in February. T-Mobile recently changed the autopay terms which are steadily rolling out in waves.

“AutoPay is a service that allows you to set up recurring monthly payments for your bill. We will automatically withdraw your payment each month, using your preferred payment method. If you use a debit card or bank account payment, we'll give you a $5 discount per line for up to 8 lines or $40. “

You’ll find that  quote by logging into your account and looking for the autopay FAQs. You can still pay with a credit card but won’t get the discount.  Not a violation of the terms of service which also identifies your courses of action if you don’t agree to any changes.

I suppose someone could be looking to scam you knowing this is going on with T-Mobile  (without seeing the message itself) but the change to the terms is legitimate.