Prepaid Hotspot return


On April 18th, I purchased a prepaid Hotspot with a SIM card and paid $156.22. Additionally, a line with the number 5715469181 was assigned to me without my request. Even though I never used the line, I was charged $43.54 for the line fee, and I believe I closed the line on April 22nd. The Hotspot device did not work from the moment it arrived.
During a customer service call on either April 22nd or 24th, I was informed that the line was not a data line but a regular phone line, and therefore, I could not use it with the Hotspot device. I requested to return everything, and since then, I have made 5-6 phone calls, but I have not received the necessary UPS label to return the Hotspot device, and my refunds have not been processed.

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