Problems to visualize bill

  • 14 July 2023
  • 3 replies


I have being trying to access my bill for 2 months and I can`t. I have tried via website, mobile app and doesn`t work. It keeps loading but never appear the bill. Anyone else having the same problem? I tried to call customer care, try to solve on the chat and tried even on a store and nobody could help me. 


Unbelievable and unacceptable that I can`t see what I am paying for. I expected more from T-mobile 

3 replies

I am having the same problem. Customer service tried to help but it was unsuccessful. I”ve been at this for several weeks and am getting tired of waiting. I will consider a new carrier if this is not resolved.

A pity, I used to like T-Mobile!

Why am I restricted from seeing my bill? I keep getting a notification to “request access” from the primary account holder (me) and when I click on the prompt, I get an error message, “We got our wires crossed-return to dashboard.”

I can’t reach anyone on the phone to solve this problem and apparently nobody works at the T-Mobile stores anymore?!?

Very frustrated and looking for another carrier.

I have the same problem…..several calls to the customer line and they tell me it going to be fixed but it’s not…..