Recurring activation fees?

  • 5 October 2023
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I signed up for TMobile internet and mobile services a couple of months ago, and have been thrilled with the service thus far.

When I was in the store, the associate told me my bill would be a little higher in the first month, as there were some activation fees that could not be waived.

But I just received my second bill, which is for the same amount as my first bill. I was expecting it to be ~$30 less than my first bill.

I didn’t see any activation fees in my first bill, so I’m a little confused as to why my second bill is the same price? Has anyone else seen an activation fee on their billing statement?

Feeling a little regretful now, as TMobile is costing me more than my separate phone/internet bills were before I switched. Hopefully someone can make this right...


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All billing issues need to be addressed with Customer Care or the T-Force Team.  You can give Customer Care a call at 611 from your T-Mobile number or by sending a DM to T-Mobile on Facebook or Twitter.