Upcoming payment change

  • 7 July 2023
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I am in line with cloud catcher. The bank acct or debit card payment methods are too subject to all of the hackers out there. They probably can’t wait for this to go into effect. If you are hacked and money is lost, where does remedy come from? I opened a small checking acct to attach my debit card to so losses would be minimal. Just another layer of inconvenience. All this being said, I have no complaints about service or anything else, just apprehension about the security going forward 

2 replies

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you can still use the CC card..you just wont get the auto pay discount for doing it. Verizon doesnt allow CC cards..well no discount for using a CC card. you have to use their own Verizon CC card in order to get the auto pay discount for them.


Thx fireguy. Will probably pay the extra just to ease my mind