Will not fix a $1200 mistake they can see in their system they made when upgrading phones!

  • 12 February 2024
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I know this is not customer service but want to get this out everywhere I can!

Went into the store to upgrade phones. Got everything updated and squared away...or so we thought. Looked up our account a week later and none of the promotions we were promised were applied. Calle support and they said everything the store promised would show on the next billing cycle so we had to wait until the first billing cycle (which moves us past the return period if anything is incorrect). We waited and everything was correct on the billing cycle EXCEPT for the $600 rebate for each of the 2 Samsung galaxy phones we purchased. Called back to support and they said we had to talk to the store as they had applied a business promotion and we do not have a business line. Went back to the store and they said they cannot apply business promotions and we have to drive to a corporate store which is about 45 minutes to an hour away to fix. They were rude and not at all helpful. I called back customer service and explained I was not driving that far to fix and issue they made. I was told they were escalating it and would be in touch. Never heard back so called again. Was told again they were looking into it and would reach back out. They never did. Called yet again and told they were submitting another escalation to the store and we would get the discount we were promised. Again never heard back. Called AGAIN and talked to a manager. He was just as rude as the store employees. Even though they can see there was an incorrect promotion applied to our account they will not resolve the issue and he straight up told me they were not going to help at all even though they can see the mistake made on their side. Overall horrible experience both with in store employees and phone support. Overall T-Mobile has good cell service/products as long as you never have to deal with their customer service. This mistake they made will now cost us an extra $1200! Worst customer service experience I have had.

1 reply

Same here but different issues related to store story is one promotion and t mobile corporate another.  I cannot believe the time spent trying to correct or change plans or lines and NO ONE actually follows through on what they say they will do on the calls or chats or in person.  I will leave this company as soon as possible even if I have to pay double to not deal with this month after month.