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I've had 5g gateway for about 3 months now.  Worked great till last week.  Now only works from midnight to 7 am (100+ Mbps, .5 Mbps all other times).  I've spent hours with tech support, replaced the gateway, no joy.  The tech support response is that they are working on the tower's, no completion target just someday.  Any ideas?


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I’ve got a similar issue. The first month or two, it worked great. Then, I started having occasional problems later in the day. The last week, it’s unusable in the evenings. I got the same “tower upgrades” story from customer support.

My best guess is they’ve added too many customers. At peak times, their equipment can’t handle the high number of users. They will need to upgrade towers, but I’m not waiting for that to happen! Switching providers today.

Here from Arlington, Texas. I should be in Ultimate coverage zone. When I have the latest gateway next to the window, I barely get good to weak signal. Called multiple times and create a ticket #61076300

Yesterday I found out that they closed the ticket without verifying with the “customer”. 

Tower was upgraded 5/3/2022 to 5G several blocks away. This must be a joke. The tower one block away is not from data according to T-Mobile.

Upload speed, 0.5/1.5 Mbps. (Placed the gateway even outside as test)!


They need to improve their service and change the coverage map. Disappointing customer.


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T-Mobile’s ‘updating towers’ is a standard ‘go-to’ excuse, and isn’t even specific to the tower that you’re connected to.  I’ve experienced this same excuse for many years. even AFTER T-Mobile advanced technical support (not ‘team of experts’ - aka customer care/billing).

0.5Mbps  for a site 1 block away is the equivalent of what I had from T-Mobile’s plain 5G when using T1’s for supply.  

I suspect that there are more issues… 1 month shouldn’t be an issue - either you’re being throttled, or there’s something else at play.

Almost every ticket I’ve filed with T-Mobile ends up ‘closed without customer notification’.


Not sure if mine is related but my 5G sucks here in South Austin,  TX.  It's been happening for the last 2 days.  Everything takes forever to load and pictures are not coming in

New Port Richey, FL. Same problem. Same lies. Been hearing about tower work for three weeks. Downloads at 13-30 mbps in the morning and almost dissapears (. 05) in the afternoon /evening. Tired of hearing oriental girls pleading for good reviews like they're going to be sent  to a re-education camp. Going into the store tomorrow to rattle some cages. Hope to speak with someone local to try and pry the truth out of them. 

Thank y’all for the replies. Obviously, I am not the only one in the “Ultimate 5G coverage” that have a sucks connection. I came home tonight; my signal was disconnected. No Internet at all.

After talking with my current cable provider and expressed my frustrations regards that I am overpaying for 200 Mbps plus and demands to cancel my contract. Suddenly, for “existing customers” I got an offer to upgrade to 400 Mbps up and 20 Mbps down for only 29.95 per month plus new WIFI 6 gateway/TV basic. (3 times lesser monthly payments and more service/faster)

Tomorrow I will bring this fantastic 5G gateway return and close my $50 per months test subscription. Great concept, coverage and ticket support sucks. I hope y’all figure it out.

Regards from Arlington, Texas.



I did talk to the Tech support and he told me that the issues I’m having is something the engineers are aware of and seem to be happening more and more- so they are fixing it
Homeboy did give me a $30 credit to my acct and said they will try to get it fixed.  I know the 5G works fine because it was working in my area last week.  Whatever update I did or if they changed anything f’d up my coverage.  

So we’ll see what they do.  I suggest calling in and cont to complain.  It’s the only way that they do make changes and usually Customer Service directors and VPs look at the numbers…..just feedback I have picked up being in Customer service mgmt

When I placed the order via the Telepone they said I must return the Gateway in the store otherwise have to pay $360. Yesterday spend 1-hour waiting in the store, they didn’t want to accept the Gateway return.

After demanding to close my order we had to wait 15 min on the phone and the lady had to ask me why I closed my account.

Today I drove 10 miles for delivering the Gateway to UPS! Thanks, T-Mobile, for the great service!

Same BS here in central Michigan. Map says ultmate 5g, but my signal is “good” with 3 bars at max even outside, and I’m getting .6-1mbps speeds both up and down. I keep getting the same tower enhancement excuse. This is far below the 35-110mbps service they advertise. I highly suggest everyone suggest everyone file an FCC complaint here 

This will absolutely get T-Mobiles attention as the FCC does track these complaints.

2 months ago I am still receiving ghost invoices while I returned the 5G Gateway in 14 days. 

Several phone calls and promises that it will be all right. Cases on cases, this morning the young lady told me on the voicemail that my account is closed (Duhhh) and they can’t credit so I have to pay. (Free 30 days trial, oh really T-Mobile?)

Would be continued in court. Thanks, T-Mobile.

Same issue here in Tucson. Apparently I am 0.3 mile from tower and was told I would have excellent reception with home gateway. Tried every location in house and consistently weak signal. Works for audio streaming but not basic video, so essentially worthless. I get 5-6 bar 5G coverage with ATT cellular consistently in house so assume it's inadequate gateway tech or tower signal and not something related to my location. Nice idea, was looking forward to dumping xfinity and their price increases, but returning gateway today. Tmobile, let me know when you get serious and I'll give you another try.

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I've had basically the opposite experience here.

In my location, Verizon is suffering from the overcongested backhauls that bring data to it's knees except in the wee hours of the morning.  T-Mobile came to the rescue.  That being said, a T-Mobile test drive hotspot or a smartphone get priority data.  A hotspot, internet gateway, tablet, or anything using a phone's hotspot get throttled during busy times of day when the network can't handle the traffic.  

My Samsung phone runs ok as a desktop device however when I connect it to a dock and use a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

T-Mobile support gets better if you work your way up through their "tiers".  When I initially started using T-Mobile and was rightfully offended by the fact their test drive trial device gave me better service than what I got after I signed up, I eventually got connected to a really helpful higher tier support agent that was able to really pull some strings and get things done.  We worked together for about a month.



I just had an internet tech tell me that h.s. home internet is at the bottom of the list for speeds durring network conjestion… Well its sunday night after 9:30pm and we are 1 bk away from the 5G tower… We used to get over 200MB dl and over 30MP ul…  For the past month we have seen speeds as low as 1.2mb per second and around 5.0mb pers second download…


We are going to go back to Xfinity on Monday!


Cell service for phones is one thing… Home internet is another… YES IT SUCKS!

and the tech was an idiot to say what he did…. Now just hope you don’t get transfered to the Philipines…. The Worst Techs on planet earth and you can’t understand them!


Here is test 2, about 5 minutes after we posted the first msg…. See…..



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I’ve been fortunate - T-Mobile Home Internet depends on a few things:

  1.  How close you are to a 5G UC (ultra capacity, not ‘ultimate coverage’) - Recommend at least ‘good’ coverage.  Note:  I did have this when the tower was 4G LTE only, and ‘good’ gave me ~30-60 to 120Mbps - varied quite a bit.  After tower uprade, 300-450Mbps is normal.
  2. How ‘busy’ of an area you are in.  If the network is in a highly dense apartment/condo area service may not be very good because of ‘quality of service’ settings on home internet = lowest.  This is by design, ensuring that ‘home internet’ doesn’t compete with mobile users.

5g phones are not as widespread as 4g so data pull is still nominal for 5g. Living only 1bk away from any 5g signal should afford outstanding data speeds.

After spending 3 hrs on the phone with tech support miraculously our speeds are back up to 225mbps dl and 35mbps ul… we believe they placed a limiter on our account and have removed it. We're in the TV and film industry.Thanks for the comments!