5G Network not working after Android 13 Update OP9

  • 17 May 2023
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My OnePlus 9 5G just got updated to Android 13 automatically. Unfortunately, this update mess up my phone because now my phone isn't working. I can't receive or send calls, signal bars goes on and off and never connects to 5G. Please, If anyone knows how to fix this let me know. 

7 replies

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The joys of OnePlus.  You’re hitting issues similar to what I went through with OP8.  Forced upgrade caused my OP8 bluetooth to start to fail with my SUV.  Sent back through T-Mobile for replacement.  Replacement OP8 worked for a day .. until OP8 upgrade.  I had to exchange it (upgrade) to S21 to have a useable device in my SUV.  OnePlus dragged the issue out through 3 RMA’s as well, but would never fix the issue.

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Roll it back to Android 11 if available or Android 12 if Android 11 isn't available.  The MSM Tool will completely wipe your device.  Once you complete the setup, enable Developer Options and turn off automatic updates.

Even since OPPO took over control of OnePlus, the software experience took a nose dive for the worse.

I have the similar problem with signal that go on and off, but I do get connected to 5G. However, my worst problem is after updated my phone keep reboot itself and sometime in the loop of rebooting. I tried factory reset twice still having the same issues. So save yourself if you are thinking of performing factory reset in hope it will fix the issue(s).



I am having shite signal no 5g since the update to 13 now as well. 


I refused the update but then it just went ahead and updated itself one day. 



Interesting that it would nosedive after OPPO took over. I worked with someone at Burning Man who had an OPPO phone that had an amazing camera that took beautiful photos. I would've expected them to improve things rather than the opposite.


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Oppo / OnePlus were always part of the same company.  They basically allowed for ‘competition’   This is kinda like saying Chevy/Buick/…. are all under the GM corporate.  Or better yet - VW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini are all part of VW.  They’re all a bit unique but are controlled by one.

OnePlus was a decent upstart, as it promoted high performance guts at a decent price.  Oppo was a little more … subtle.

OnePlus made a ton of problems with its openness, and buggy updates, switching from what was like stock Android Oxygen OS to Color OS … and back, and having a LOT of problems when Android updated its OS.  If you want to have an open OS, and access to unlock the bootloader, etc.  Then OP is great.  If you want a stable device which has few issues .. look elsewhere.

TBH, The Motor edge 2022 was a decent low cost device.


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I really liked the OnePlus 7 Pro and even the 8T.  Colors ruined the 8T for me and for a lot.of other devices from OnePlus that got that update.  Android 11 was the last good release from OnePlus.  The original founder of OnePlus has founded the Nothing Phone, which is on its second hardware release.  Anyone who liked OnePlus for what it was before the merger with OPPO, will probably like the Nothing Phone 2.

Looking into this nothing phone