5G Service Doesnt Work

  • 16 September 2022
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I unfortunately switched to T-Mobile a little over a month ago. My 5G service hasn’t worked since the day I transferred to T-Mobile. I’ve made multiple complaints, T-Mobile has done nothing to correct the issue. I signed a contract for 5G service - after complaining to a T-Mobile customer service agent, she replied with this “This is not the service that we want you to experience here in T-Mobile and I know you just wanted to get the 5G network as much as possible. Right now, 5G network on your area is not yet fully developed so we highly suggest to use 4G LTE for ten meantime since there is a modernization to your 5G network for better connectivity in the future. We are hoping for your kind udnerstanding.” I AM PAYING FOR 5G SERVICE, NOT 4G!! I was told 5G was available in my area prior to transferring to T-Mobile. This is a breach of contract. T-Mobile is selling services they cannot provide. I highly recommend everyone makes complaints to the FCC, FTC, BBB and your State AG! T-Mobile is scamming their customers and they need to be stopped!!! 

1 reply

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theres different pricing for 5G compared to 4G?