Android phone only does wifi calling


I traveled overseas, and changed some settings on my phone. Now, I’m back in the US, and it won’t connect to the cell network, only to wifi.

“Mobile network is not available” is the message I get.

In the Settings app, under “Network & Internet”, in the “Calls & SMS” section, it says “T-Mobile (temporarily unavailable)”

What settings should I check for (that I obviously screwed up)?



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That was it.  I would never have guessed that would be the issue.


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Do you have Automatically Connect to Network enabled?  Is your device in Airplane Mode?


Unfortunately, it’s nothing so trivial. I’ve tried turning airplane mode off/on. I’ve tried rebooting.

I have “Mobile data” and “Roaming” turned on.

“Automatically select network” is on.

“Choose network” is greyed out, with T-Mobile wi-fi calling as the option (but also greyed out).

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Try removing your SIM, cleaning the gold contacts with some Isopropyl, and putting it back in after drying it with a papertowel.