• 28 November 2023
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Hello all- I have four iPhones.  When my wife’s phone loses connectivity to the network it sometimes takes days to reconnect.  It will connect to WIFI and work just fine.  If the phone leaves WIFI we either get zero bars or an SOS.  I have worked with support for weeks now trying to get this resolved.  We have tried resetting everything.  We have tried new physical and eSIMS.  Nobody seems to know what is going on and all they want to do is for us to purchase a new phone.  Ideas?

3 replies

Simple things first. If done, forgive me.

  1. Make sure cellular is on and connected to either auto-5g or LTE.  Is WiFi off?
  2. make sure.flight is off.
  3. shut phone down completely and restart.
  4. Reset network

SOS means no network connectivity. If WiFi is working then network is available and problem is with cellular connection. The above steps all have to do with cellular network itself. Does sound like a setting problem connected with cellular service.

Without seeing the problem in action these are the basic troubleshooting steps most techs would use, unless visual capture of setting is observed. Hope this helps.


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What device is it having the issue?  Have you tried a factory reset?  

My Samsung Android phone sometimes loses network connectivity, mostly when I move around town.  I’ll try to load a web page and get a ‘Not connected to network’ message.  I’ve found a quick solution is to turn on Airplane Mode (shutting down all transmitters) and then turning it off a few seconds later.  Usually that fixes the problem.  It’s irritating, but easily and quickly fixed.  I hope this ‘tip’ helps you, as well.

Best regards, Turophile