• 29 August 2022
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My cellspot keeps notifying me that it is upgrading its network.  This is very annoying and I can not shut this notification off!  I have called t-mob cust service twice and after a good hour on the phone they say it is my internet carrier.  NOT, as this was happening with my previous internet provider.  Without the wi fi phone, I have very poor reception.  So, is there a solution other than going to Verizen or some other?

2 replies

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There was a recent 5G rollout to the CellSpots.  The only things other than the 5G indicator on my phone are increased coverage footprint and more stability/higher speeds at greater distances.  It’s still operating on the same B66 frequency pair.

In the immediate vicinity of the CellSpot, speeds seem to be the same as before.

Have you noticed it saying 5g now? I started noticing my phone saying 5g sometimes while I'm connected to my cellspot and can't figure out how