Disgusted Football-Fan

  • 18 September 2023
  • 3 replies


I have 5G wireless internet. Dropped big $$$ on Sunday NFL Ticket (YT) and Thursday Night Football (prime) My Gateway router has 4 bars Very Good connection devices are showing Excellent connection. First hour of Sunday Football streaming has been great picture quality very good then seems as more folks are getting on T-mobile network it goes to HELL!!! Anyone else experiencing these issues? TIA

3 replies

started to happen to me. In the beginning internet was great. I could play games and watch netflix at the same time. 3 month later i cant even play a game because ping is over 400 and connection keeps dropping.

Same experience. 5g internet worked great for about a month now it only shows 4g and can’t even watch tv. 

Same here . So flipping  mad. Can't watch a whole movie. I have 3 and most the time 4 bars. TV has no problem  staying connected. Phone lags connected to the mobile wifi. I have to to wifi off in order to have fast net on phone. Crazy the phone service is better.