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  • 17 September 2023
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T-Mobile I greatly enjoy the wild swings in internet download speed from 0.82 mbps to 46 mbps, but I really like when my upload speed is faster than my download speed.  I would call customer support, but they will tell me to restart my gateway.  I have done that, it did nothing to fix the problem.

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Check to see which bands are in use.  I typically get better upload when I’m using either just LTE, or LTE + n71.  LTE + n41 gives me much better download (+400Mbps vs. ~170Mbps) , while n71 gives me better upload (50-70Mbps vs 20-65Mbps).

At best, you’d have to go into the ‘More’ menu on the TMHI app, and select advanced cellular metrics to determine which you are using.  Adjustments may make n41 drop and n71 pick up (n41 will drop if the signal is weak).  Similarly, if you’re in an area where your n71 is weak and drop to LTE only .. then you have a bigger issue, and need to find a better location for your device.