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  • 7 December 2023
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When I started on T-Mobile, I thought it was all like the rest.  I stsrted with a 5g Home Intetnet, which suddenly stopped working, and I left a bad review, thinking I was getting ripped off (like 7 years with my previous carrier with the initial ST).  I have to apologise for the bad review, as T-Mobile customer service fix was ed the problem and my home network has never been happier, and fast.  (Early in the morning, I have achieved up to 10MB/sec)

This prompted me to switch my Straight Talk phone to 100% T-Mobile.

My experience was really good, and customer service was really friendly, responsive, and effective.  (And didn't seem to just be reading from a paper)

Thank you T-Mobile.

(Pro tip:  to get the most out of T-Mobile 5g home internet with your own router, make sure it is the fastest you can afford, the experience is great)

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