Intermittent iPhone VPN Connection - Does T-Mobile Throttle VPN traffic?

  • 3 January 2022
  • 1 reply


I am having intermittent access to the internet via VPN, via Accountable2You, on an iPhone SE-2. iOS 15.2, T-Mobile48.  Accountable2You indicates " Some carriers prohibit (or slow) VPN traffic from mobile devices. In most cases, this restriction can be removed by contacting your mobile service provider. " Could this be the cause?

Sometimes it works great! Sometimes it is very slow pulling up a website.  Sometimes it never pulls up the site at all the first time and requires multiple retries.

I have contacted T-Mobile.  Waiting on a reply.

1 reply


Question answered.  T-Mobile spent quite a bit of time with me yesterday running diagnostics and researching this for me.  In the end they wanted to correct the issue and assured me that for my account there was nothing under T-Mobile’s responsibility that would cause what I am seeing. I will continue the investigation elsewhere.