Iphone connection issues - not ringing, text fail to send etc

  • 26 November 2023
  • 3 replies


I have a TMobile Cellspot they sent me when I first got the phones/service because service was so poor.  TMobile said to turn off WiFi on the phone so cellspot would connect.  Supposed to have 5G services but was told to set phone to LTE only.  This cell spot worked for a while but now problems have recurred.

Phone doesn’t ring and calls go straight to VM, texts fail to send frequently & only have SOS service at times.  This is totally unacceptable.  Spoke to tech yesterday and they said to turn off WiFi, which was on   - the LTE did come back on phone when I did this BUT several of my phone apps dont work if WiFi is turned off, like my security cameras or music apps.

Has any resolved a similar problem? I’m almost ready to change carriers.

3 replies

Until recently I’d never had a problem with any calls going to VM unless I had it set up this way. For the most part I rarely had SOS in areas I shouldn’t have but now is frequently happening. I’m only being told by TMobil support to do a master restart after verifying with them that I was all caught up on the latest updates and troubleshooting all the basic reasons why my calls wouldn’t be going through. I also have WiFi calling set up as well. I finally did a restart and the problem was fixed immediately. My problem is more than just the SOS service and calls going to VM.. I didn’t know I had a problem until my roommate came in to tell me I had a call because my phone wasn’t working! I have 3 kids that HAVE to be able to get in touch with me at all times! So what am I supposed to do, constantly do a test call to make sure it’s working?! I hope they fix this problem in their next update, I didn’t have this problem at all until this most recent update. 




I’m glad to see I”m not the only one.  Right now I’m stuck between TMobile and Spectrum my internet provider.  TMobile states there is an issue with the internet getting to the cell spot and wants Spectrum to open ports to the cell spot.  But TMobile can’t provide the info that Spectrum needs to do this.  So I’m in a waiting game while they try to figure this out.  I will research the restart option.  I don’t believe anyone at Tmobile suggested that as an option to fix the problem.  Thanks for your input.