magenta max speeds overseas

  • 13 September 2022
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I am living in Spain for 9 months. Have the Magenta Max plan, first few weeks I had really high speeds for data, now it’s down to super slow. I know they said it’s 5GB high speed for free then down to 256kbps, but it’s suuuuper slow. Two questions. 

  1. Will I  receive a new 5GB of high speed in a new billing cycle? Or is it 256kbps for the rest of the way. 
  2. Does anyone have experience buying a SIM card overseas for a long time? I am considering it but don’t want to be paying for a Spanish SIM card and Magenta Max at the same time. 

Thanks for the help.


1 reply

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I suggest buying one or you may get your account closed for excessive data roaming since 50% of your usage needs to be on Tmobile USA towers.

Tmobile plans aren’t meant to be for long term international roaming.