Make Arcadyan KVD21 act as a Modem Only - 5G Home Internet

  • 21 May 2023
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I am writing to ask for help with my new Arcadyan KVD21 from T-Mobile.  I want the KVD21 to act as a Modem, not a Router/WiFI Access Point with its own NAT.  I replaced a Spectrum Cable Modem with the KVD21.  I have the complete back-end services for Routing and WiFI access already set up.  So I don’t need another device coming in to replace those.  Port Forwarding is the biggest complaint, I no longer have access to my home VPN, Plex or Security Cameras.  As you know, the user interface does not provide access to advanced setting that permit these features to be disabled.  

I watched a video on how to disable wifi, by editing the t-mobile-wifi-info.txt config file as shown here:


Any assistance is appreciated. 

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You’d have to set this up to ‘dial out’.  TMHI is double NAT’d  i.e. getting RFC 1918 192.168.12.x which NATs to 10.x.y.z → IP Gateway (public IP)

This makes ingress difficult in general, as connection must typically be initiated by the device behind the NATs.