Mojave valley, AZ cell tower

  • 24 August 2022
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When will a new 5GUC cell tower b installed and Mojave valley Arizona? A cell tower is well needed here as it would cover not only Mojave valley Arizona but will also cover  burros Arizona/ needles, California/ Laughlin, Nevada if T-Mobile decides to put cell towers here. They would dominate the market as it is. Verizon has poor cell service. Sprint has poor cell service. AT&t has poor cell service. It would be the perfect opportunity to get everyone in these areas to convert to T-Mobile home internet would also be a good idea for these areas as it is network providers are very slim

1 reply

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T-Mobile has a lot on their plate right now with integrating Sprint’s spectrum portfolio into their network and getting 5G working right for Home Internet use. New, greenfield, coverage is (IMHO) pretty far down their priority list. When they get ‘round toit I have a long list of places that need better coverage.