not worth $50

  • 25 November 2023
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This service is not worth the cost. It is not stable or consistent. It seems to be only offered in my area just to get the business. They need more towers.

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I moved over 2 years ago and updated my address with Tmobile. i even got home internet through t-mobile at my current addrezs. why are the taxes and fees being charged to my account still go by the old address in a different city than where i live now? 

t-mobile promised that the price would only be $50 for as long as I had their home internet service. everything was good in the beginning yet here i am with my 50 buck charge starting to creep up on me now 51.69. I know 1.69 isn't but it's just the point of the matter! it doesn't say taxes it is a fee from t-mobile! so I guess this is their way around it all!!

I would figure that they would be able to get my personal info correct in the system for the one service that I ordered after I moved. but that would be silly of me to think such things!!! I mean, they even sent me the motum to my right address! 

does anyone know who to talk to about this complete nightmare of service?  

they really seem to be going down hill, I've been a loyal customer for 20 years and it just keeps getting worse!!!

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It's all about location.   Where I am, service is typically +400Mbps.  Ive had it for almost 12 months.