Why not just tell people the truth?

  • 6 September 2022
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How the hell are you people getting away with deceptive service?  I never had a problem with Sprint. The very day the store rep switched out my sim card at the end of May I have had nothing trouble. He lied right off the bat. Said I wouldn’t get another charge from Sprint, I did, plus the charge from Tmobile. Said I would have coverage in Alaska, another lie. I have had months worth of calls going straight to voice mail, never ringing. I, literally have my phone in my hand and the voice mail notification pops up at the top of my phone. No less than 50 calls to 611 and no one has the same fix. Let’s change the settings, no the settings are fine, we are having problems with the tower, no problems with the tower. I will overnight a new sims card to you and will call you tomorrow at 5. Not overnighted and no phone call.  Yes your phone is compatible, let’s change the settings. New plot twist, I have the POLICE knocking on my door to do a welfare check.  I have cancer and not well and my friends, family and doctors cannot get through. Say they are going straight to voice mail and I never get an effing voice mail.  Call again, oops, calls not being forwarded on Tmobile’s end. Thought that was fixed until the police came again today. Even they said I need to find another provider. Called again, let me see if my supervisor will let me send a coverage device. After 37 minutes, yes we can send you a coverage device, I need your credit card number, it is $25.  Are you kidding me?  I have had a cell phone since when bag phones first came out and I have never been lied to so many times, never had worse coverage or service. I’m not paying a penny for a coverage device. another lie from store rep, 2 miles away from my home who said you had the greatest coverage. I cringe every time one of your commercials come on, all lies. This is a huge dangerous problem and you are screwing with my health.

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Let me be blunt. You do what you need to to fight this thing with everything you have and jump ship to something else a.s.a.p. that will offer you and loved ones the ability to connect with eachother when you need it. If they wont let you out of contract, take it up after the fact and make your intentions known up front. I used to work about 17 years in wireless, at least from what I remember these days, and have worked for just about every U.S. provider. I didn’t leave T-Mobile on a loving basis, but of all the companies I’d worked for, the “T” at the time did stand for Team. There was a vision and customer service was a first. I’ll have to say I agree times have changed. I was excited to see the merger in the hopes they wouldn’t just absorb Sprint, but actually make something of a Good Better and Best offering based on network. Unfortunately, that didn’t occur, and some tall tales with little accountablity took place even though they technically met the FTC’s requirements for the merger to occur. You had reception because you had one or more of bands 25 26 and 41 available to you prior to a sim change. With the new sim and new network provisions, you were now being routed to what T-Mobile said was most logical for both it’s own pocket in the game of building and removal of towers post merger. The fact that multiple reps misinformed you and that overseas call centers i’m sure, told you all kinds of different answers, is a testiment to poor poor training and a lack of integrity and commitment by TMobile to it’s employees and thus it’s customers. Hopefully an older team member here will read your story here and make this right, as I no longer have connections with leads and managers as I once did. I pray for your health and that you beat the wireless out of this disease and get back onto a road to recovery soon. You do NOT need stress in your life and I understand completely about the $25 just out of principle. Completely illogical to ask that from you considering evidence they already had of how many calls you’d already made regarding this issue prior. Best wishes to you and I’d call back and ask for a U.S. call center manager, and tell them calmly that it’s nothing personal, but you’re going to sumarize your issue by reading this post to them, and after, will offer them 10 minutes to correct the issue. If they’re unable, tell them you completely understand, and then request information on how to port the number out to the carrier of your choice, and do so. Any termination/equipment charge they may hold you to, you can take up with council at