Will a signal booster keep me connected to a single tower


I'm curious about using a cell booster, but a bit of background on my situation. I have a couple towers near me, which are tower 1 west-northwest and tower 2 north. Tower 1 is a little bit closer and my home tower. When I'm connected to this tower, I have a good connection and good speeds. However, I frequently get bounced to tower 2 and the upload speed is basically non-existent (0.4 - 0.7Mbps) and unusable. I see this behavior across my phone and home internet, although the phone occasionally gets a couple Mbps. I've reported the issue to tmobile countless times without a resolution. So, my question is if I hook up a cell booster and pull the signal from tower 1, will the boosted signal prevent my devices from hoping back over to tower 2?

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I’m not aware of any 5G boosters (that work).  Similarly, you’ll need a directional booster, or you’ll just amplify all.  I’d recommend contacting T-Mobile to see if they can have your device(s) ‘prefer’ one tower over another with a setting from the network end.


I did ask tmobile about getting locked to my home tower, but they said they don't have the ability to do it.  Going the booster route was my last ditch effort to get reliable service. Since the tower is on the high schools track and field, I believe I get booted to the garbage tower when schools in session or there are events and games.