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  • 3 April 2024
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Trying to get my TMobile Arcadyan21 Gateway to simultaneously broadcast both 5G and 2.5G (no its not working by default/automatically).

My router shows 3 choices: Automatic, 5G, or 2.5G … No other settings.

PC life is wonderful at 5G speeds but my 2023 Sony TV wont connect (at all). When I set router to “automatic” my pc only connects at 2.5G (SLOWWWWWW). but the TV is happy.

Everything connects at 2.5ghz when router is in “automatic” mode but speed is only 50mbs. There are no other choices???? When I set the router to 5G TV wont work but phones, tablets, pc’s all scream….

BTW my network is “Hidden”.


What to do????




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You need to set up a separate 2.4 network. The solution is the answer in the link below


Thanks much for the reply!


I found another solution. First I checked to see if my TV was capable of a 5ghz connection (it was). Then I went to delete the existing network connection (thinking it was locked into the 2.4ghz). Not as easy as it sounds as the only way to get the TV to “forget” the connection was to reset the Tmobile network to 2.4ghz and then have the tv log in. Once there I was able to delete the older log in and start a new. I established the new connection with the router on 5ghz only and everything worked wonderful.