Device Unlock Problem! Reason Code: 19

  • 9 January 2024
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Here comes the vent. about a month ago I canceled my T-Mobile account which had me and my ex-girlfriend on it I wanted to switch to Mint mobile my girlfriend stayed with T-Mobile but they made her get a new account since I was the account holder. I was told that once I pay off my phone and my ex girlfriend gets her new account then my phone would be unlocked and I would be able to take it to Mint mobile. I found out after I had already canceled my account and paid off the phone that the phone would not  unlock. since I don't have an account anymore it is very hard to get verified with anyone from T-Mobile I've had to be in a T-Mobile store while talking to a T-Mobile representative on the phone so that the person in the T-Mobile store could verify that I was me and so that the person on the phone could submit a unlock request which I have done three different times!!!! this issue has been escalated three different times also. the device is a Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra and the reason code is 19 when I try to permanently unlock it on the device. T-Mobile has no answers when I'm able to get through to them but that's only if I'm at a store and talking to a rep on the phone at the same time. the device is a replacement device from Assurant which is another route that I explored for a possible problem but was assured that the IMEI should be in T-Mobile's database even though it's a replacement device. I'm running out of options I don't know what else to do I have $1,000 phone that I'm not able to use to make phone calls or use cell towers and it's so frustrating oh and I also just recently received my final bill in the mail from T-Mobile which is a negative! -$47 balance so now I'm wondering since it's not a zero balance and since T-Mobile owes me money could that be the reason that my locked. Does anyone who has read this far have any suggestions or reasons why my phone is locked? I'll be filing an FCC complaint next because they restricting me from using the device that I legally bought from them. I doubt it causes any progress but maybe someone will see it and care enough to tighten the leash on big companies like T-Mobile.


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My guess is that it's the insurance claim and the imei# is not in Tmobile’s data base no matter that they said.

I suggest contacting Tmobile support using messenger on one of Tmobile’s social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to see if they can help.

Agree with the Tmobile executive social media team contact, I contacted them through X (formerly twitter). In my case i was getting a runaround about unlocking my phone for 1 week. Initially told phone was paid off, wait 72 hours for unlock. Then told phone not paid off, so i paid off and waited another 48 hours. Then told needs to be approved by samsung, email sent to samsung by tmobile rep. I contacted the exec social media team on X and the person helped to unlock my phone within 3 hours. This is shocking but in my reading seems like a common issue with tmobile. 


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The issue is common with all carriers especially when it comes with devices not sold by the carrier. You can search on each respective forums and you will see. Especially with iphones more than other device. 


On my 4th trip to the store to let them know I waited another 72 hours after they claimed to send and unlock request, I sat in the parking lot, hopeless. Defeated. I took a minute to prepare myself on how to politely but specifically voice my frustration to whichever unlucky employee that I was going to interact with this time. I got my phone and made sure it was on the right screens and per usual, tried a network and holy motha. The little unlocked. I don't know why and I honestly don't care. Someone finally did what they were supposed to do but I won't know who because of the blanket of incompetent people that surrounded them on this issue. Nevertheless, Bye!