Hola,May i have a question,how to unlock iPhone,please.

  • 24 August 2023
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My phone can only play games, not phone calls. 😆 Because The Carrier Lock is SIM locked.

Model Name:iPhone 11 Pro Max
Model Number:NWGJ2LL/A
Serial Number:F2LZLT3AN70G
IMEI: 353898105081673


My phone nomber is 1(541)390 5656.

if there has a bill need to pay,please tell me.     



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You need to be a customer of Tmobile USA and meet all the requirements in the link below.

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The imei number is blocked so it's most like been reported lost, stolen or the original owner didn't pay the phone off.

Can i simply throw my old iphone boxes in garbage?

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phone or the empty box?

Empty box

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Toss them.

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unless youre a box hoarder i would probably just toss it. theres usually a sticker that contains some of the phones info on it like IMEI etc that you could always cut out and put somewhere in case you need something physical with the numbers on it.