how to unlock t-mobile carrier lock for iphone 12 pro max

  • 15 December 2022
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I live in South Korea and my aunt gave me her iphone 12 pro max from USA.

She passed away, so it is keepsake from my aunt.

After I received it, I noticed that there is carrier lock and sim card is from T-mobile.

There are 2 IMEI numbers for each physical sim and available sim.

Due to this lock, my sim was not workable here in Korea.

Although I asked Apple technical support, they informed that it is carrier lock and it must be unlocked by the carrier, then I can use this iphone here in Korea.

Please kindly advise if it can be unlocked by T mobile and can I ask it to T mobile since my aunt passed away who was the original owner.


Thank you.


5 replies

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Unfortunately, Tmobile  will only unlock phones for Tmobile account holders so your aunt will need to make the request unless the phone was on an account with a family member then they can request the unlock.



Thank you so much for your comment.

She passed away and indeed, she has no family members in the states but there is only one person like her adopted daughter,not adopted actually.

I don’t know if she has an account of T mobile.

Then, under this situation, do you think it’s not possible to unlock the phone?

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If there's a power of attorney for her estate they can try to request the unlock code but they would  need the required paperwork.

Unable to use my iPhone 12 pro max in UAE. I went to the apple store they said it's carrier lock from US sprint T-mobile.. kindly help me or provide email id to contact.. I live in UAE, it's U.S sprint mobile.

Unable to use other SIM. I don't have other phone to use and without sim I cant make calls.. I can't ask others everytime their phone to make calls :)

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was your phone ever on Sprint or TMOs network? if not then there isnt much they can do to unlock it..they have rules they must adhere to and if the device has not met the requirements then they are unable to unlock it.