Lg stylo5 - locked

  • 12 November 2023
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Just bought second hand LG Stylo 5 and it turned out to be locked. The company I have service with is not T-Mobile and so my sim will actually not work on this phone it actually got blocked or blocked my sim got locked when I put into this phone so now I need to unlock both the phone and my sim but in order to unlock the Sim I need to provide an IMEI number for a phone that is unlocked and I don't have one I only have this one I desperately need help resolving this issue

1 reply

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Are you a T-Mobile USA customer?  T-Mobile's SIM Unlock Policy is very clear on the requirements that the device amd account must meet to qualify for a SIM unlock. 


You could always visit a cellphone repair kiosk or store in one of your local shops to have them SIM unlock the device for you for a fee.