Network Unlock Question

  • 29 October 2023
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Paid off the last pymt on all my equipment in acct, so I unlocked my phone via settings. I'm confused with a message that keeps on popping up on my screen on my cell, and my tablet now states that my unlock has expired? Below is the pop up message:

Your phone's network unlock will

expire in 1 days. SIM cards from

other service providers will no

longer work.

Can anyone help me out please. I thought once paid up you own all equipment, hence unlocked with no expiration ... better off when trading in, etc. Thanks ...


7 replies

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almost sounds like it was a temp unlock and not a full unlock.


Yup I agree with you completely even though I asked for the perm unlock. Per their Unlock Policy, they are to notify clients upon completion of all pymts and responsibilities. I'll give them a call.

fireguy_6364 thanks for your reply!

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You can go into your Tmobile account and request an unlock code.

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i forgot to ask. you paid the last payment which im guessing was a lease deal? if it was did you pay the final payment to own it and not just the last monthly payment? there is a final total to own it at the end if you choose.


@gramps28 will do, thank you 😊 


@fireguy_6364 yes it was a leased deal. Paid it off last month including tab and watch. 

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Hey there @BabetteTG Checking in here to see if you were able to get your devices unlocked yet.

If you just paid off the phone, then it should be a newer model. The unlock steps on most modern phones are done right on the phone settings. You can see those steps on our T-Mobile device unlock Support page. Since you paid it off, you should not need to call or request anything unless you are talking about an iPhone. iPhones require that the carrier (T-Mobile in this case) notify Apple that the phone is eligible for unlock and then the Apple “ecosystem” will recognize and allow the full unlock. 

Hope this helps!