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  • 7 November 2023
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I had a phone line for my ex. Long story short we broke up, and suspended the line. I am now trying to use that line and it says it is locked and not eligible to be unlocked. I no longer have the phone associated with that line however I purchased a new phone through the website for that line. 

4 replies

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If the device is not eligible.  It isn't always because the line it was on isn't on your account anymore.  The device and account must meet all of the SIM Unlock Policy requirements for the device to be eligible to be SIM unlocked.

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the “unlock device” is throwing your question off a bit..its not a phone you need unlocked but youre trying to unsuspend that original line but its not letting you. is this correct?

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Open a new line. If the line was suspended for too long it may have been closed.

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Hi @Aks1031 I wanted to check in on you here. Were you able to get that new phone working and the line reactivated? Thanks for keeping us posted. 😃